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Vegan Peptide Collagen Pineapple


Why Vegan Peptide Collagen Pineapple?

Vegan Peptide Collagen Pineapple contains 2 times more bromelain than pineapples grown elsewhere. This special characteristic allows our Vegan Peptide Collagen Pineapple collagen to be broken into a very small particle that is easily absorbed into the body. Collagen peptides are characterized by their high levels of specific amino acids.

Benefits for all your body

HOW CAN WE OBTAIN A COLLAGEN THAT GETS ABSORBED 95%? Because we use Pineapple Enzymes! Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain which is capable of breaking down the collagen molecule to the smallest particle possible. This is how our collagen supplement will get absorbed quickly and easily into the body, giving all the benefits that collagen powder has.

COLLAGEN PROTEIN: Keep bones, tendons, joints, and muscles healthy: Helps to maintain a solid structure in the bones, naturally lubricates cartilage and ligaments, and improves joint mobility. Prevent sports injuries such as bloating and tendinitis.

SKIN COLLAGEN: This collagen supplement provides firmness, elasticity, and hydration to the skin, delaying the effects of aging. Also, it has hair supplements for hair growth.

EASY DISSOLUTION: One of the greatest things about pineapple and collagen is how easy it is to integrate into your diet.


Organic rice peptide, organic pea peptide, organic rice protein powder, and psyllium husk.

100 grams

Vegan Peptide Collagen Pineapple