Zoom Zanzibar - Luxury Muse Soy Candle

Zanzibar - Luxury Muse Soy Candle


Zanzibar - Soy Candle!!

There is something about going home, lighting a candle, and mentally escaping to your favorite island. This mimosa & mandarin scented candle will help you do exactly that. This scent is our BEST SELLER.

Premium Soy Candle!!!

This 100% Natural Soy wax candle is non-toxic, long burning, made with organic essential oils, and has a 100% cotton wick.


ORGANIC, KOSHER & VEGAN: Soy Candles use pure, organic soy vegetable oil as the base for these soy candles, as opposed to common candles that use paraffin, petroleum oils, or other toxic bases. Wicks are 100% cotton and lead-free

THERAPEUTIC GRADE ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS: Unlike regular candles, Soy Candles employ a variety of essential oil blends for an unadulterated scent & light that stays with you for long hours – No harmful chemicals are added for scent/light/appearance purposes

NO PARAFFIN: Most commercial candles use one form of petroleum products or the other, but not us! Our soy candles are purely soy oil-based & contain no paraffin content – 9 oz. soy candles burn for hours to provide clean, clear light & leave no soot/smoke.

NO MESS FOR YOU TO CLEAN AFTER With no soot or char left, it’s easy to clean after – Use dish soap & warm water to wipe away traces of spilled/burnt wax – Do away with toxic candles that pollute your home & embrace the clean & eco-friendly ways of Soy Candles


When first lighting your candle, allow the melted pool of wax to reach the sides of the jar to prevent tunneling and achieve maximum burn time. Always remember to trim your wicks before lighting and never leave a burning candle unattended, near children or pets, flammable objects, or drafts. Never pick up a candle during or directly after lighting as the jar can get very hot.

Zanzibar - Luxury Muse Soy Candle